Fast-food worker stabbed in Molo

  These two persons being questioned was arrested and brought to the Molo Police Station around 8:30 A.M. of Sunday. From the left was Deomer Noblita, 18, Jeysam Montaño, 22, and the police officer asking them questions about the incident. They mauled and stabedd an innocent person who's just waiting for a ride. For full... Continue Reading →

Molo Church @ Dawn

I took this picture as I was about to go home after my night shift work. This is last December, days before Christmas. So, there is a traditional Simbang Gabi, what's contrasting was, the mass is held at dawn. But we have been calling it that way ever since, so there's nothing to change anymore.

Teen thieves attacks on Fish-Port

ILOILO City – A 19-year-old and a minor were placed under citizen arredt for stealing and selling a bucket of fish at Iloilo Fish-Port Terminal. July Gayuma told the ICPS1 police that he bought two buckets of fish for his business on Thursday around 11:30 p.m. at Iloilo Fish-Port Terminal for Php 3,100.00 each. He... Continue Reading →

The Header Image

It is a picture of dawn in the city. Where two persons are fishing in the river, together with them are the birds, also feeding from the fishes. This simply shows that life in the Iloilo River isn't dead yet. The people can still rely on what it can give. Even though some would say... Continue Reading →

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