Dream Blog No. 2

The night bus, the beach and the crab.

It was years ago when I have decided to write down the things that happens in my dream. Just those which I can remember very well, because we have some dreams that we know we dreaming but as we woke up we cannot remember what we dreamed about. But, I’m not gonna be talking about dreams, I’m gonna talk about my dream.

I just find it fun, to “document” my dreams. So, not all may be correct since it was only a dream, but I’ll try my best to describe it to you.

The Night Bus

About six in the evening I together with my grandpa and someone i know maybe, was waiting for a night bus ride. As the bus came it was exaggeratedly big, somewhat like London bus with very curved head (like a bullet train) but blue. It was full of passengers. Some of the people went of the bus, seems like they were on field trip, since they wore same blue colored T-Shirt. Then I saw grandpa and the other person took the ride. The driver by the way looks like a fat-middle-aged-female with a cap. So the bus rode off, and i was with this new group of people.

The Beach

Because these group was left behind by the bus I invited them to go to the beach. So we went there and i was with a girl. Whem i look into the horizon where the sky meets the sea, I saw the earth, and all the planets in our solar system, with magical somewhat, kind of clouds wrapped around them.

The Crab

There on the sand we saw a crab getting inside its hole. We decided that we should catch some. They have catch two big white crabs, so they cooked it. While i was just watching them eating it.

As I am writing this i realized one thing. This are what I missed so much. The night bust every monday when i went back to the city, the beach where i find calmness and serenity and the crabs that i have been craving for a few days already but cant eat causw im allergic.


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