Fort San Pedro, Iloilo City

Located far from the center of the city, Fort San Pedro is where you might want to go if you are looking for a place to just enjoy the moment. Five minutes walk from there, is the Iloilo Domestic Port, about four minutes more of walking, there you can find almost all of the regional government offices. but you can also take a ride if you want.

It was my first time actually, to visit and enjoy the place. Nice view, cool breeze, waves splashing on the sea wall, beautiful sunset, children’s playing, couples dating, men’s fishing, ships honking. Reminds me of provincial life…

So here are the photos I’ve got:

Big Waves ain’t Got Nothing on Us



Well, here are the young ones having fun with the waves, ignoring the danger that it may cause them. The wind is also blowing hard, I just cant imagine how they can handle the cold in that situation.

Ignore the trash, look farther and enjoy ‘Miryenda


That man sitting on the top of the sea wall is eating, barbecue with soft drinks and matching music in his ears. From his line-of-view those garbage’s washed up doesn’t exist. Just look farther and you can see the real beauty.

Von Voyage 2Go Ship


This 2GO ship has just left the dock. I actually waited for this one. Luckily I captured something more. Look at this girl trying to teach this baby kid how to say bye-bye or maybe just having fun with the ship as it goes on to its trip.

The Scenic Sunset


Not so very scenic though, I understand if the weather does not want me to have a beautiful picture of the the day ending. I was thankful though, because I usually took photos of the sunrise and people would think it is sunset. Sorry buddy, in our place sun sets at four behind the hills.

Children playing outdoors

IMG_5407 (2).png

Maybe this would be my favorite part of staying there for about three hours. Seeing children playing outdoors. Reminds me of good old days, so fun, lots of adventure means lots of bruises of course. Isn’t it amazing, still seeing these kids playing outside instead of sitting there all day with gadgets on their hands.

Sadly, because behind this picture, as i pass by them i saw them playing with money, gambling I think…

A Good Place to Bond


Want to hang out with friends, family or loved ones?

I’ve got a perfect place for where you will not spend a lot more on foods just by being with them, laughing with them, enjoying the moment with them, makes everything perfect.

Presenting the Port San Pedro!

Couples dating


I hate this picture i really, really, hate this one. Just kidding, every picture I take is precious to me.

Yeah, so this place is very ideal for dating, maybe trash are just being washed up anywhere but unlike other ‘by the water‘ parks, there is no foul odor in the area. Very perfect for cuddling, as the winds blows hard, it is cold, so… you know.

These are the couples already going home after a date, and some have just got on to the place.

My Refuge in Times of Chaos


I said to my self as i got there. “This is my place here in the city.”

Whenever I’m sad, tired, problematic, depressed?, I find calmness and serenity by the place where there is a body of water. It maybe a lake, a river, a pond, but what i like the most is the sea.

By just sitting there, watching the horizon or as far as my eyes can see, listening to the splash of the water, feeling the cold hug of the breeze, brings out all my thoughts, as if they help me overcome my problems in life.

I’m really gonna be going back there.



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