Beauty of Banate

It has been months since this article have been published in our newsletter for one of our subject. Making this is one of the best experience I had in my college years. So here is the artice:




The Accessibility

The barangay is 30 minutes away from the town. To reach the place you need to provide a transportation for yourselves. You can rent tricycles or motorcycles to ride you to Brgy. Managopaya. But it is better to have a vehicle of your own, since the fare will be a bit expensive. From the base of the stream it is about 20 to 25 minutes trekking to reach the first two waterfalls and another 15 to 20 minutes up to the fifth falls. It will take about 1 minutes by foot, going up and coming back. The tourism office will provide the local guides for everybody’s safety while hiking.

The Trekking

Before reaching the falls, first you have go to the Barangay Hall and coordinate with the captain, to inform her regarding the hike to the place. Also, being told that it is better to wear shorts and slippers. From there, it’ll take about 10 minutes to reach the base of the stream. Going through steep trails, slippery ground, huge rocks, mud, and there is no way you are not going to get wet.

You’ll also possibly pass by some locals bathing in the stream and rinsing their laundries in the flowing water. Depending on the time you’ll plan on going, but it was almost noontime when we got there, the heat of the sun and the humid air, made us sweat and felt uneasy. But we were determined to reach the waterfalls and enjoy its beauty. It’s a bit challenging, so a few tips before going up: gear on with your comfortable hiking outfit, lots of water, and a few breathing exercise.

The Beauty

The thought of jumping in to the water at the base of the waterfalls was killing us. We really wanted to know how it felt to bathe in the clear flowing water and to lean on the rock and let the water massage our backs. So we dived in, sat on the base of the waterfall and let the waters flow. The feeling was very soothing and relaxing, that we wished we had more time. The beauty of the place is not just seen in the place itself. Standing on the brink of the first waterfall, you could overlook the hills and plains of Banate. The view that’s pleasing to the eye.




It is only accessible by pumped boat. At 20 pesos per person, you can already enjoy the trip, back and forth. It is a 45 minute boat ride going to the islet and back. It is not that easy to get in to the boat. That time it was in high tide so basically the boat is in the water far away from the shore. We thought we were going to get wet again, but we were wrong. The part where all the boats where ported was shallow and the water was only around knee level.

The Trip

As we board the boat together with the tourism officer and our guides hiking up the falls. We thought were going to take forever as other boats anchored in the area was blocking the way. Thanks to the fisherman who owned the boat and some kids who helped him, we got through. Personally, even though I was born and grew up near the sea, I was scared, a little. Thankfully nothing happened to us. In the sea, we came across some people who are fishing, some are already pulling up their crab traps. There were children, together with their parents, it really showed that people means of living came from the sea.

The Reef

From afar we could already see the outline of the rocks that surfaces the water. Hoping that we could stop there and harbor near the rocks, but we can’t. Even so, we were not disappointed about going to the area. Because even if the tide was high and the waves were big, we have seen what we’ve been wanting to see. Beautiful and colorful corals, starfish, and fishes. Truly a diverse ocean ecosystem.

Right now the place has been declared under protected zone. So no one could harm the corals and abuse the abundant resource people could get. That is why no one really comes to the place to set their nets. According to Sir Joemar, it’s better if we’ve come there during the low tide and when the water was calm. So that we could go on to the rocks and clearly see much of the place. Maybe on summer days people could enjoy more the beauty of the reef by snorkeling. The tourism office of Banate is also looking forward to making the place a diving site.


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