We should be Earning while Learning

Part of every course to take in college is the internship or what they so called On the Job Training (OJT). This give the students an oppurtunity to practice their learnings, and to know how really it is to be in the field of the profession they chose to study.

This is a great way to add more to what they have been discussing inside the class room, since you can personally experience the pressure of working. For some, this is one of their worst experience in college.

As a journalism student we are required to have two internships. One is for print media, and the other is for allied offices. For print media we are required to have a duty in some newspaper organization. 

Yes we do understand that the job being a reporter in the newspaper is not really high paying. But, we are just students and we deserve to be paid somehow. 

We go from police station to police station to find a publishable news for the organization and all the expense is ours. Were just students, some of us dont have enough allowance even just for the fare.

Not at all times there are incidents that is happening in that district, so we go in another district to find something that is newsworthy. There we spent more on the fare. 

How will you enjoy the job, if you exerts your effort, you always do your job, you always meet the deadline, but in return you receive nothing? 

The reason why people quit thier job and look for something better, is because the pay they get can even sustain even just his own self.


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