Backpack journalist equipment list

We’ve come to the point that it is already our group’s turn to report a certain topic. Assigned to us was Backpack Journalism, and my assigned sub-topic to me was about the tools used by backpack journalist. So I look into the net for my report and unfortunately I found nothing that is complete. Here are the list of tools you might be needing:

HD Camera

If you are going out to the field as a backpack journalist this would be your main weapon. You don’t want to miss out on many things and happenings around you. Also, it is best for recording interviews with interesting people.

There are actually many types of cameras, like a camcorder, a point-and-shoot camera and Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera, but the camera you want to buy is the one with a microphone jack in it.


What’s the use of your camera with a microphone jack if you do not have a microphone to plug it into? Because if you’ll only rely on the built-in microphone in your camera the quality of the sound may not be good and it can catch a lot of unwanted noise.

There are also many different types of microphones but, two specifically are best to be used in Vlogging and filming.

Shotgun microphone – It’s job is when you are interviewing someone and at the same time you are handling the camera, so your voice can easily be heard when you ask questions.

Lavalier microphones – These are wireless mics, or another term is lapel. You can attach this to the person so that the mic would be so near to his/her mouth that the audio would be much clearer. Mostly used by T.V. anchors and actors.

Audio recorder

In case you can’t afford to buy a camera with an audio jack or you just cant afford to buy microphones for you camera , you can have an audio recorder instead.

Because a good audio makes the video even better.


Because you might want to make sure that you are recording the right audio in the right place at the right time.


Batteries and Chargers

The must not forget essential thing for devices to work. Your luxurious gadgets will be nothing without the batteries and extra batteries.

Media storage

If you are on the field you must need lots, and lots of these tiny little things. Because we don’t know when and where will they get full of clips and pics from your trip.

L.E.D. Lights

The need for this is actually unnecessary, unless you are going to document something in the dark. Like caves, or at night….


So that you can write some important things on it, or just because you want to have something to write on. Because I don’t know which one is faster, writing or typing (on the phone).

Camera Lenses

If you are so rich that you can afford set of camera lenses, you can also bring them with you, but that would be a hassle because they are going to add up to the weight. Recommended type of lens for backpack journalist are: Wide Angle Lens and Telephoto Lens.

Camera and Lens cleaning kit

Because you might want to keep you pictures and videos clean you need to have a cleaning kit on the go. A lot of dust and moisture may invade the external parts of youy camera and may even enter the camera.

Camera Bag

So that you’ll have something to put into, all those things.

You can also bring some sunscreen lotion, shades, and money for your expenses, and you should never forget your cellphone.


After you have taken your photos or videos you might want to edit them or even right an article for you have a deadline, so you need also to bring your laptop, with software installed essential for your work.


For stability of your camera.

All of these equipment and gadget are needed for work of a professional backpacker, but for amateurs three to five of the tools are enough to deliver news. After all it is not about your equipments, it is about you, your accurate news delivered in a timely manner.

(For pictures just ask Google)




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