Department store thief caught

ILOILO City – Items with a total of more than six thousand was recovered from a woman.

A security guard of SM Delgado caught in the act the person of Mary Ann Hurrem, 40, resident of barangay Bagacay East, Maasin, Iloilo about 5:40 p.m. of September 25, took item from the display rack and placed it inside an SM plastic bag. She then exited at Calle Simeon St. barangay Danao, Iloilo City without paying the items to the cashier.

The security guard ran after the suspect and placed her under citizen arrest.

Recovered from her possession and control: one piece shorts with belt worth Php 799.75, one grizzly dress worth Php 949.75, one grizzly dress worth Php 799.75, one piece longpants worth Php 749.75, a blouse worth Php 999.75, a kids sandal worth Php 349.75, a shorts worth Php 499.75, a twill shorts worth Php 299.75, a legging worth Php 169.75, a blouse worth Php 399.75, a baby bra worth Php 249.75, a blouse worth Php 299.75 and a pedal worth 499.75 with a total of Php 6,866.75.

Hurren was then turned over to Iloilo City Police Station 1 custodial facility for detention.


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