Pain of Love

Many of you may have already experience love or to be in love. The feeling you get when you know that the person you love is loving you back, and together you’re happy when you have the time to spend together. What you know is that love is one big source of happiness in your life, and of course it can also cause a great pain. When you fall for someone who doesn’t love you and have said that to you face-to-face. Maybe you have entered in unwanted relationship because you pity that person who’s trying to get you. There’s a lot of instances that may broke your heart. Here’s five of it that I know:

Secret Love

You really like that person, in fact you love him, but there’s no way you can get near him. Maybe because, he had a partner already, or you know to yourself that there is no chance that you can get near that person. It’s not really that hard to move on from this kind of love, for the person you love doesn’t make you feel loved, your feelings may slowly fade away. Worst thing that may happen is that when that person starts to talk to you. Better to not assume at all, you’ll get hurt.

Friend Zone

The most common today, not to all of course, you know that. It hurts bad when you have loved that friend of yours since the day that you became friends. But she refuses to love you back because she doesn’t have that kind of feeling for you. Don’t be sad about it, for even though she dump you to be his boy, she’s still your friend right? Well you should expect some changes in the way you two would communicate to each other. There maybe awkwardness at first, but it’ll be gone in time. But still it depends with the girl.

Mutual Understanding

Happy together but yet not official. Exchange of “I love you’s”, very intimate to each other, sweet at most times and acts as if they were boyfriends and girlfriends, but the sad truth is that they just have mutual understanding. Its not really sad, because you’re like loving each other as “twins” (because they said twins have great connection), and you understand each other very much. Make your move already, don’t wait till the end when you just know he/she already have a boyfriend, and you’ll get hurt as if there’s really you and him/her. Everything you built is gone.


Another painful experience it is. One of the worst that you may feel and maybe you have experienced it already. This mostly happens to boys, as girls never courts a guy. You have given everything to her, yet she’s not satisfied, or will not be satisfied by you at all. Don’t be dumb enough to still say that you love her even if she said no a hundred times. Think of it, maybe at the end you’ll get her, but she may just have you for weeks, then broke up with you. That is more painful, man.

End of relationship

Worst of all heartbreaks. When you have given your time, your money, your love, care for her every day, but then in the end your partner will just say “this is not working out, let’s get it done.” Do you think your boyfriend/girlfriend really love you, or its just a game you both play. This thing does not work on love relationship, but also in all relationship there is. But you know this is life you can never get away from, heartbreaks and pain.


Maybe you have experienced most of it already, or maybe your about to, or you are experiencing it right now. Don’t loose hope there’s a lot of time just be positive about life. You know that this is just the bitter side of love, try to explore and your find the sweetness in your recipe. Just always remember, expecting a lot causes great pain. There is no forever, but there’s a life time. You have 100 estimated years to live, and do things that will make you happy. For some, be satisfied of who you are with, for you may release the person who loves you, and will never come back for you again.


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