Fort San Pedro, Iloilo City

Located far from the center of the city, Fort San Pedro is where you might want to go if you are looking for a place to just enjoy the moment. Five minutes walk from there, is the Iloilo Domestic Port, about four minutes more of walking, there you can find almost all of the regional... Continue Reading →

Almost Over Again

Time really goes by so fast. Imagine, we are already more than halfway before the year ends again. Have we ever asked ourselves, what have we done on those seven months that we have already spent for this year? What memories have we made that wont be lost for the rest of our lives? What... Continue Reading →

We should be earning while learning

Part of every course to take in college is the internship or what they so called On the Job Training (OJT). This give the students an opportunity to practice their leanings, and to know how really it is to be in the field of the profession they chose to study. This is a great way... Continue Reading →

Risk of Loving Over Social Media

Social media is a very effective way of communicating and also a very fast means of communication, since everything can be done in just one touch. Also, lots of us make use of this platform as our “escape from reality”. We use this to rant, to confess, to express and of course to find new... Continue Reading →

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